Highlights in SDK 4.5, MultiTool version 7.3

Installing CODESYS 3.5 components

Until now, SDK installer has installed device descriptions and libraries to the CODESYS 3.5 repositories. Because of that, all needed CODESYS 3.5 service packs have had to be installed. Otherwise the SDK installer has not been able to install all the devices descriptions and libraries. If new versions of CODESYS were installed after installing the SDK, the SDK had to be reinstalled. Otherwise some of the device descriptions and libraries might not have been correctly installed.

From SDK 4.5 forward, the SDK installer only copies the device descriptions and libraries to the computer. MultiTool handles installing them to the CODESYS 3.5 repositories. MultiTool checks on each startup if new CODESYS versions have been installed. If so, MultiTool reinstalls the device description and libraries to the repositories, to make sure that they are all installed correctly.

Because of this change, new CODESYS 3.5 versions can now be installed after installing the SDK, without the need of reinstalling the SDK.

CODESYS and libraries

Saving salve configuration

Saving slave configurations

Configuring slave devices on each startup of the machine may take a long time. This will delay starting to use the machine, and can be annoying to the machine user. We have added a new feature to our CANopen library and MultiTool to enable saving slave parameters after the slave has been configured. In some cases this will significantly speed up starting the machine.

Various smaller changes

  • New feature: Number of J1939 request callbacks can be adjusted in MultiTool
  • New feature: Added adjustment of event log buffer size to the events view in MultiTool
  • New feature: Added automatic adjustment of End of events library parameter
  • New feature: Evend ID is now shown in the events view in MultiTool
  • New feature: Added possibility to adjust address claiming monitoring time in MultiTool
  • New feature: Added support for 64 bit versions of CODESYS in MultiTool
  • Bugfix: Special characters in OD descriptions of CODESYS 3.5 devices prevented creating/exporting the code template
  • Bugfix: Connecting units with duplicate nodeids to the same network caused problems
  • Bugfix: System export failed if there was a reserved file in the project folder
  • Bugfix: MultiTool crashed when adding a unit if Turkish localization settings were in use
  • Bugfix: MultiTool halted if creating a CODESYS project was canceled
  • Bugfix: Changing the unit type was not possible if the default CODESYS profile of the new type was not installed
  • Bugfix: In some cases, the MultiTool project could not be saved after changing the unit type
  • Bugfix: Selecting I/O diagnostics caused erroneuos PDO mappings
  • Bugfix: Simultaneous SDO transfers setting was incorrect in 6000 series when opening a project made with an older MultiTool version
  • Bugfix: If slave units nodeid was changed, its TPDOs recipients RPDO COBID was incorrect
  • Bugfix: MultiTool project was not automatically saved when creating CODESYS project
  • Bugfix: It was not possible to use events and I/O diagnostics at the same time
  • Bugfix: GL84 configuration did not work if only OD indexes were changed and PDO settings were left to defaults
  • Bugfix: CODESYS 2.3 unit crashed when writing to index 0x1010 subindex that does not exist
  • Bugfix: MultiTool created unnecessary backups when opening a project

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