Highlights in SDK 4.4, MultiTool version 7.2

Support for CANmoon I/O diagnostics

CANmoon is not a part of the SDK, but a new version of CANmoon has been released together with the new SDK.

A new I/O diagnostics feature has been added to CANmoon. The I/O diagnostics feature includes two new views in CANmoon: I/O and Trend. In I/O view it's possible to see the states of the I/O pins of a selected control unit. In trend view the same values can be seen graphically.

The feature has to be taken into use in the Diagnostics tab in MultiTool. It is available for the EC44 and 5050 units, and will be added to S-series devices when they are updated.

CANmoon I/O diagnostics

Modular slaves

Slaves with extension modules

Support for modular CANopen slaves with extension modules has been added to MultiTool. These kind of slaves use the same eds file for different assemblies of the slave, and can include variable number of I/O or other features.

If a slave uses extension modules, MultiTool will show a selection dialog where the correct extension modules are selected.

DO diagnostics in Sensors and Actuators library

New blocks have been added to Sensors and Actuators library to simplify the DO diagnostics in nonsafe applications:
 - DOControlsAndDiagnostics for sourcing DO pins
 - DOGNDControlsAndDiagnostic for sinking DO pins
 - DOValveEcoControlAndDiagnostics for DO Eco mode

DO diagnostics

Various smaller changes

 - Improvement in handling the access type of slave OD indexes
 - Improvements in CAN gateway for CODESYS 3.5 units
 - Bugfix: SDK installation failed if CODESYS 2.3 had not installed correctly
 - Bugfix: Receive SRDO checkbox value when cloning a unit
 - Bugfix: Slave RPDO selection "write configuration" was incorrectly selected automatically
 - Bugfix: 3000 series AI mA mode initialization failed if there was a DI pin in the same group
 - Bugfix: Number of PDO mappings was limited in a slave unit if the eds was missing their high limit
 - Bugfix: It was possible to select EC44 as event consumer
 - Bugfix: Slow application download speed in CODESYS 2.3
 - Bugfix: 6112 code template was missing the standard library
 - Bugfix: SL84 pin 2.15 in DO mode caused an error when creating code template

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