Highlights in SDK 4.3, MultiTool version 7.1


New feature for 6000 series devices. It's now possible to use the CAN bus in the 6000 series devices instead of a CAN adapter in PC.

When a network connection is available from the PC to a 6000 series device, CANmoon, CODESYS 2.3 and CODESYS 3.5 are able to use the CAN bus of the 6000 series device just like a CAN adapter connected to the PC.

RemoteCAN can be used
 - Locally with ethernet or wifi
 - Remotely with GatE
 - Remotely with a VPN service

For more information, see Epec Programming and Libraries Manual..


Device description

Default CODESYS profile in MultiTool

When adding a new device to MultiTool, or changing the device version, the CODESYS profile is now selected automatically as defined in the device description file.

GlobE and Edge in separate task

GlobE and Edge are now run in separate tasks in the CODESYS application. This change stabilizes the main application cycle time, since it does not have to run cloud operations anymore.


Various smaller changes

 - Added possibility to export networks from MultiTool to CODESYS 3.5 CAN gateway
 - Bugfix: MultiTool crashed if the name of the project folder was changed while the project was open
 - Bugfix: Connecting CAN buses in network editor failed in some cases
 - Bugfix: Couldn't select a unit as the transmitter of an RPDO, if the unit was added after the RPDO was created
 - Decreased the minimum diagnostic voltage limit of EC44
 - Bugfix: Slave OD view "New feature popup" was in some cases shown in programmable units
 - Bugfix: Changing PDO variable type cleared the PDO description text
 - Bugfix: Disabled MultiTool menu commands while saving/loading a project
 - Bugfix: Wrong value in 3610 OD index 1018 sub 2
 - Bugfix: Removed faulty V/mA selections from 4602-01 AI pins
 - Bugfix: Wrong descriptions in 3610-52 and 3610-42 IO pins 1.32 and 1.34
 - Updated 4000 series ext library
 - Bugfix: MultiTool crashed if a read only PGN set file was saved
 - Updated 3000/4000/5000 series diagnostic voltage limits according to technical document
 - Increased the size of %M memory area in 6000 series devices
 - Updated 4602 target to generate .ri file when project is compiled
 - Added pre defined index file for Sensors and Actuators library
 - Bugfix: Minor bugs in changing the unit type
 - Bugfix: Small changes in Edge library and MultiTool support
 - Bugfix: TPDO transmission type selection in MultiTool did not affect the code template
 - Improvements in CAN adapter drivers for CANmoon and CODESYS
 - Improvements in CODESYS 3.5 CAN gateway
 - ISOBUS libraries are not included in CODESYS 2.3 project by default

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