Highlights in SDK 4.1, MultiTool version 6.9

ISOBUS AUX-N Function support

ISOBUS VT library has been updated to support ISOBUS AUX-N Functions. This feature is used to control implement’s functionalities with ISOBUS Auxiliary control devices e.g. Joystick. Functionality has been pre-tested using AEF conformance test revision 2020/R03. For AUX Function implementation guidelines, see Epec Programming and Libraries Manual.

ISOBUS VT library now also supports “Move to another VT” functionality. This feature can be used to move UI to other terminal in environment containing multiple Virtual Terminals.


NMEA 2000 support


NMEA 2000 tab has been added to the unit configuration window in MultiTool. The tab is similar to J1939 tab, but contains the NMEA 2000 standard PGNs.

NMEA 2000 specific Fast-Packet transfer protocol message sending has been added to the J1939 library.

The new feature is included in all products except the S-series, where it will be taken into use when the devices are updated next.

Updated CANopen library

CODESYS 3.5 CANopen library has been updated to better support CANopen slave units.

For slave units that don't send bootup/heartbeat messages, the library can now detect the unit from the CAN bus by polling it with SDO messages.

An adjustable delay has been added before starting the configuration. This is to allow configuration of slave units that are not ready receive the configuration even if they already send preop heartbeat messages.

Added possibility to select what happens if a slave replies to SDO with abort.

These new settings will be added to MultiTool UI in SDK 4.2, but they can already be adjusted in the user application.

The changes apply to CODESYS 3.5 devices except the S-series, where the new library version will be taken into use when the devices are updated next.


AI pin overcurrent protecton

Overcurrent protection

Analog input overcurrent protection block and the corresponding code template have been changed in EC44.

Overcurrent is now diagnosed if the analog input reaches its maximum value. Previously the scaled analog value was used for the diagnostic. This caused problems if a sensors output went over 21mA in normal use.

The same feature will be taken into use in the S-series when the products are updated next.

6000 series CODESYS 3.5 SP16 patch 2

Updated runtime is available for the 6000 series devices. The device can now be programmed with CODESYS 3.5 SP16 patch 2


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