Highlights in SDK 3.7, MultiTool version 6.5

6200 4G/LTE version


Added support for LTE version of the 6200 Remote Access Unit, for faster remote connections to the device. In addition to global 4G/LTE band support, Epec 6200 4G/LTE includes WLAN and GNSS connectivity and up to six CAN buses. Further, Epec 6200 has an option for Quad core CPU and big 32GByte internal flash memory.

Support for EC44-022 control unit

EC44-022 support was separated from other versions of EC44 in SDK 3.7. When starting new projects with EC44-022, it is recommended to use SDK 3.7 or newer. EC44-022 variant has 232kByte internal SRAM and non-painted enclosure


Improvements in CODESYS libraries


New features and improvements were added to the PLCopen libraries. These include:
- Fixed an overflow bug in CSV parser library
- Added the possibility to filter the GPS coordinates to prevent the coordinates from fluctuating when the machine does not move
- Added more intelligence to the Modem library to allow reconnecting and retrying connections without adding logic to the application

Meanwhile, behind the scenes..

We are working hard to bring new major improvements to MultiTool. Prepare to be amazed!


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