Highlights in SDK 3.8, MultiTool version 6.6

Improved support for Epec CANopen slave units

Epec CANopen slave

Completely redesigned support for Epec CANopen slave units is now included in SDK 3.8. New MultiTool user interface includes similar I/O and Diagnostics setting windows as the programmable units. There is no need to configure the Epec CANopen slave units by setting values to the OD indexes. Instead everything is done in the user friendly setting windows. See more in the MultiTool manual.

Address claiming

Address Claiming in J1939 based protocols is now supported in SDK 3.8. Previously Address Claiming was only used with the ISOBUS protocol. Address Claiming can be taken into use when the newest Address Claiming library is included in the project. Several addresses are supported in one device. This means that the same device may use the J1939, ISOBUS and NMEA2000 all in the same can bus with a separate claimed address for each protocol. See more in the MultiTool manual.

Address Claiming

Cloning Units

Clone Unit

A new Clone Unit feature has been added to MultiTool. It's now possible to make an exact copy of a unit by right clicking it in the network editor and clicking Clone Unit

Library Parameters

A new feature has been added to the library manager in MultiTool. Previously most library parameters had to be adjusted in CODESYS, but now their values can be set from MultiTool.

NOTE! If the library parameters of Epec libraries have been adjusted in CODESYS library manager, their values will be overwritten when importing settings from MultiTool. Library parameters now have to be adjusted in MultiTool. This does not apply to custom libraries that are added to the CODESYS project.


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